Treatment of Hearing Loss

There areĀ a wide variety of manufacturer’s hearing instruments featuring the latest technology. We dispense technology as part of a hearing rehabilitation treatment plan for those with hearing loss. Our staff emphasizes ongoing cleaning and maintenance after your hearing aid purchase to insure you receive optimum performance and benefit from your hearing aids. Repairs are provided on all makes and models with loaner hearing aids available when necessary.


  • Phonak
  • Lyric
  • Starkey
  • Unitron
  • Resound
  • Widex
  • Oticon
  • Siemens
  • Many more…

  • BTE (Behind the Ear) – Traditional and Open Fit
  • ITE (In the Ear)
  • ITC (In the Canal)
  • CIC (Completely in the Canal)
  • IIC (Invisible in Canal)

If you are a Candidate for Hearing Aid(s), please note your Insurance Company may help cover the cost. We can also offer several Financing Options.

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