Retraining the Brain

Sometimes new hearing aid patients expect to hear well even if they don’t wear their hearing aids regularly.  This is not true.  You must wear the aids regularly in order for the brain to learn and recognize words through the hearing aids.

You ‘hear’ with your brain through your hearing nerve, not your ears. Most people have not heard sound properly for years. It takes time for the brain to learn to recognize words through the hearing aid.  It also takes time for the brain to adjust to listening in noisy listening situations.  With practice you get better.

When you wear your hearing aids you will get used to the feeling of wearing the aids.  You get used to all the funny sounds around you. Background noises such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and the like will start to fade into the background with less effort over time. You start hearing better.

REMEMBER:  Practice makes perfect- with practice you will hear better!!!! Keep in mind that hearing aids are aids, they do not restore hearing to normal. Sound is still traveling through a damaged system so it will never be ‘perfect’, but it will certainly improve.

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